Into the murky depths of human cyber security

How can we look at the human factor of cyber security and how important a role does it play in making organizations more secure? Find out now by tuning in to our chat with Myra Van Esch, she who brings her psychology background into the cyber sphere

16 Ott 2019

In this episode, we look at cyber from a perspective that has perhaps been less prioritized as a core part of the technical discussion: the psychological and human component. Our guest who guided us through the neural labyrinth was Myra Van Esch, Director for Cyber Security and Security Risk Management at Hoffmann, a Dutch company specialized in security, crisis and risk management consulting.

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How to read cyber and security through the lens of cognitive science

In this extraordinary insight into the cyber security realm, we put on the lenses of human psychology and cognitive sciences, with the aim of grasping the role of the human factor in shaping cognitive behavioral patterns common to individuals and organizations alike.

Myra is a multifaceted professional, who dedicated a relevant portion of her research efforts in exploring multimodal interaction frameworks, developed her thesis on integrated sound and visual information and led projects that focused on innovating businesses’ offerings and processes by experimenting with research-driven proofs of concept.

To sum it up, I thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating insight of cyber security as seen from a less-technical, more psychology- and human-based angle, to ultimately grasp how all the elements are deeply and complementarily intertwined.

The Secure in Mind Project

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Nick is someone who, in many senses, is just like you: a human being trying to make sense of this existence of ours as we hurtle around a ball of gas in a sea of infinite eternity. More relevant though are his vacillations in the world amongst diverse countries and environments, collaborating, negotiating, elaborating and celebrating with fascinating people from all walks of life including politics, technology, activism, military and intelligence the world over.

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