The International Chamber of Commerce: fostering global cohesion in business, trade, security & development

In this “Secure in Mind” podcast episode, we welcome John W.H. Denton, the Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce. John brings a wealth of international insight on economic and international development

10 Lug 2019

A former Diplomat and member of the Australian Federal Government’s Strategic Advisory Board on the implementation of emerging policy issues, John Denton now resides in France, heading the International Chamber of Commerce on all matters of Trade, Commerce, Economic and International Development, Business and Trade Disputes.

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John also sits on the Board of the UN Global Impact and is Chair Emeritus at the Business Council of Australia’s Global Engagement Task Force. To reinforce the strong ties between business and governance, he founded the B20, the business movement associated with the G20.

The International Chamber of Commerce’s role in bringing peace and prosperity

During our discussion, we explore the ICC’s mission – to bring stability, growth and security worldwide by enabling business and trade globally – and how the organisation realises this in practical and applied terms.

We consider the regulatory and enforcement responsibility and capability of the International Chamber of Commerce, which is not only charged with setting standards and norms but also with enforcing them.

In fact, the world’s leading private arbitral body is actually the ICC court of arbitration – so settling major cross-border, nation-influenced issues makes up a large portion of the ICC’s remit.

Finally, John gave us precious insights on how a good governance and robust legislative framework can enable and ensure prosperity and security at multiple levels worldwide. His words were illuminating; partly as a result of the privileged observation right the ICC has by holding a seat at the UN General Assembly.

The Secure in Mind Project

Our mission is to greatly increase and encourage community discussion about technological and ethical issues that have done, are and will impact society on a global scale.

There is a longstanding and distinct disconnect between the way information is packaged and presented to the public and the effectiveness of this presentation in terms of generating informed, considered debate.

If we can take complex, important topics and present them, as best we can, in a manner that can interests people from outside the speciality, then we have surpassed our expectations.

Nick Kelly Bio

Nick is someone who, in many senses, is just like you: a human being trying to make sense of this existence of ours as we hurtle around a ball of gas in a sea of infinite eternity. More relevant though are his vacillations in the world amongst diverse countries and environments, collaborating, negotiating, elaborating and celebrating with fascinating people from all walks of life including politics, technology, activism, military and intelligence the world over.

He brings this unique breadth of perspective to the table and has a dogged interest in pursuing the human story behind the title or policy, appreciating the fact that underneath all of our bravado, political correctness and dichotomous states of creation and destruction, we are, after all, merely mortals trying to make the best of it.


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