Information Warfare, Network Warfare and Cyber Command: the US approach

In this “Secure in Mind” podcast episode, we discuss with Steve Korns, Director for Cyber Operations at the US Cyber Command, the US Federal approach to national security and defence through the protection of citizen information

26 Giu 2019

The cyber security and data protection landscape, as we all know, is dramatically and relentlessly changing. Our guest today, Steve Korns, has been, and continues to be, one of the main actors on stage and will explore with us the most important shifts in focuses and efforts as for the Federal Government activity within the cyber sphere.

Gestione dei contratti e GDPR: guida all’esternalizzazione di attività dei dati personali

Steve has an impressive military and private sector background, holding positions as CTO & Director for Cybersecurity for important conglomerates, as well as being a former US Air Force Coronel and Chief of Staff at the US Department of Homeland Security (a division of the US National Cyber Security Centre).

In our conversation, we covered all kinds of topics, from Web 3.0 to Federal Government commitment as for IT Security, from IoT to Blockchain and Risk Management.

National security, military and defence in the US

We explore the construction of the US Cyber Command, which represented the first cyber initiative pulling together different teams to construct an overall strategy and embracing the new offence & defence approach to the cybersecurity world. We then compare its scope of action with the established National Security Agency in order to achieve a broader picture of the state of the art concerning intelligence collaboration and international network cooperation.

Finally, we had a critical but surprising look at the Federal Government’s position as for the budgeting, resources, support and policy allocated to IT Security and Data Protection. Last but not least, we investigate how business entities within the private sector can improve their risk assessment, classification and management techniques.

Steve Korns, one of the major pilots within the US cyberspace

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