Hack the Planet! And lawyer up while you do

Let me introduce you to Tor Ekeland, the federal criminal defence attorney who fights for hacker justice in the US

13 Nov 2019

We started our conversation from the time Tor moved from his routine and not-so-exciting role as a Corporate Lawyer to what was – evidently – his true calling: becoming a criminal defence lawyer representing defendants on trial.

Gestione dei contratti e GDPR: guida all’esternalizzazione di attività dei dati personali

The joys of US Computer Law

Tor is one of the few lawyers the press turns to when in need of a commentary on internet law and all of its associated impacts given his experience in technology law, Intellectual Property rights and regulatory frameworks. We discussed the relation between cyber and law in depth, starting from the Bill of Rights’ role in protecting citizens’ privacy by limiting government intrusion to a critical analysis of the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – CFAA – and its unveiled misuse.

We negotiated the tough terrain of the Computer Law mandate and its ongoing pressure on common and criminal laws.

To conclude our chat on the “fairness” of justice – and on the US Criminal Justice system in particular – we took into account the power of information control, the influencing role of social media, the first steps towards stronger data protection accountability – think GDPR – and the controversial issue of online web search reading and storage – talk about privacy.

Tor Ekeland, the federal criminal defence attorney

An overview of Tor’s intriguing and multifaceted cases

Over the course of his remarkable career, Tor has managed to follow some of the most complex and controversial cases in the history of computer criminal law, and he was more than willing to share some first-hand details with us.

We examined the case of Laurie Love in all its intricacy and complexion. The case was of an alleged UK hacker risking extradition for alleged intrusions into the US government and federal agency computers to steal massive quantities of confidential data, thus violating CFAA.

We then moved on to Aaron Swartz case, which made history for the disproportionality of its prosecution and its tragic end. In fact, Swartz, a true PC pioneer, innovator and Internet hacktivist, was charged with 11 CFAA violations and state breaking-and-entering charges, leading to a major political protest against the US Department of Justice after the suspect’s heart-breaking suicide on the trial’s eve.

Finally, we discussed some of the cases Tor is currently working on, including Daniel Hale’s “Theft of government property” felony charge according to the Espionage Act, pointing to his unauthorised access of a protected PC from which secret data concerning the US military and attack strategies were allegedly leaked to press sources.

To discover how these cases ended up and more about Tor’s experience in this field, tune in and perhaps ponder this question: what constitutes a felony charge and how should the law meet the rapidly changing environment of our time?

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