On smart cities and innovation: the Palo Alto example (and on the importance of the African tech suite success)

In this “Secure in Mind” podcast episode, we cover a broad range of issues stemming from security and policy with Jonathan Reichental, multiple award-winning tech leader ranked among the top and most influential CIOs globally

15 Lug 2019

Our guest, Jonathan Reichental, is a connoisseur of the most interesting challenges of today – the 4th Industrial Revolution, Urban Innovation, Future of the Cities and Blockchain Technology. As the smart guy in the room, his innovative work for the US government was recognised ad-hoc by the White House – nice!

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How to become a major innovator in Palo Alto

Through his founded and/or managed companies, such as Human Future, Highrise and Silicon Valley Innovation Centre, he does what we aim to do – see the human being behind the tech, or using the digital economy to reconstruct and serve the future of humanity. Pretty ambitious goal, isnt’it?

However, the bar is never set too high and we believe the human experience needs to keep on being the core of the global digital transition, while cybersecurity will necessarily be approached as a top priority in economic, social and political agendas.

How to replicate the successful, innovative model of the Silicon Valley

Jonathan left his mark as the Senior Advisor of the Silicon Valley Innovation Centre, especially focusing on a hot and much-needed topic in today’s crazy world: smart cities. A bunch of cool use cases illustrate how digital services were put in place to serve a plethora of sectors, carrying on socially-important innovations in healthcare, transportation, education, energy and housing, to name but a few.

We then moved on to discuss the complex and interesting scenario of public policy and local authorities, in which city councils and federal governments work hand-in-hand to provide solutions to the major afflictions of today’s world.

Finally, we could not ignore the main challenge linked to the smart and interconnected city revolution: security and privacy, and in so doing, we explored Palo Alto’s perseverance as for pushing – successfully! – on a crucial movement that is still under-invested and complex to manage because of the multiple entities involved (see above). So here we go – tune in for first-hand lessons shared by a true tech & future innovator!

The Secure in Mind Project

Our mission is to greatly increase and encourage community discussion about technological and ethical issues that have done, are and will impact society on a global scale.

There is a longstanding and distinct disconnect between the way information is packaged and presented to the public and the effectiveness of this presentation in terms of generating informed, considered debate.

If we can take complex, important topics and present them, as best we can, in a manner that can interests people from outside the speciality, then we have surpassed our expectations.

Nick Kelly Bio

Nick is someone who, in many senses, is just like you: a human being trying to make sense of this existence of ours as we hurtle around a ball of gas in a sea of infinite eternity. More relevant though are his vacillations in the world amongst diverse countries and environments, collaborating, negotiating, elaborating and celebrating with fascinating people from all walks of life including politics, technology, activism, military and intelligence the world over.

He brings this unique breadth of perspective to the table and has a dogged interest in pursuing the human story behind the title or policy, appreciating the fact that underneath all of our bravado, political correctness and dichotomous states of creation and destruction, we are, after all, merely mortals trying to make the best of it.


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