It’s all about the Supply Chain!

In the lead up to Europe’s most prestigious and impactful Security Conference in Munich, we headed to the Bavarian capital to speak with Natalia Oropeza, Global Chief Cyber Security Officer, Siemens

12 Feb 2020

Natalia Oropeza heads cyber security for one of the largest electrical engineering and electronic-related products and services companies in the world. In figures, 2019 data reports €87 Billion in revenue and 384,000 employees. A large chunk of the world’s electrical and operating technology backbone is provided by the company, with their products present in everything from Power, Gas, Medical Devices, Phones, Power Plants, Trains, Dams, Smart Infrastructure… the list goes on, and on, and on…

La Digital servitization lungo l'intera value chain
Smart manufacturing

The sheer scale of responsibility is pleasantly paired with Natalia’s calm and sharply intellectual demeanour. It was a pleasure to speak with her about her journey from Mexico to Munich, an inspiration for any aspiring cyber engineer and especially for girls and women who may be thinking of entering and advancing in the field.

The synopsis for this episode is short and sweet as I’m on the road again, but hands down this episode covers it all – Stuxnet (yep, those were Siemens devices that were Pwnd), Supply Chain Security, Cross-Border legislative failures and successes, the push and pull of influence and compliance with policy makers, Natalia’s participation in the creation of mechanisms built to encourage greater equality in the field (ECSO’s Women4Cyber) and plenty more.

As always, listen, share and please send me any feedback you may have as well as recommendations or introductions for other critical thinkers and operators you may know!

Natalia Oropeza, Global Chief Cyber Security Officer, Siemens.

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