How can Technology play a part in enhanced Banking and Finance Transparency?

In this “Secure In Mind” podcast episode, Morgan Deane, CEO of Baader Helvea Group, discusses the unstoppable force of technology in banking and its potential part in increasing transparency in the banking sector

25 Mar 2020

The word wheelhouse is currently working its way wildly through my mind during these days of pandemic pandemonium. Here in Milan, the epicentre Europe’s pandemic, I’m joined by the rest of the world’s non-medicos listening to and heeding the advice of virologists, epidemiologists, doctors and more transform into emergency policies.

9 Giugno 2022 - 12:00
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Digital Transformation

There are quasi-infinite wheelhouses one can specialise in these days, and we at Secure In Mind are fortunate enough to speak with many such people in a commanding position in their chosen fields. In this episode, I had a great conversation with Morgan Deane who, alongside being the CEO & President of the Executive Management Board at the Baader Helvea Group, is also Ambassador for the Transparency Task Force, an initiative with a goal of raising the battered level of trust the public has in its critical banking & financial institutions.

Throughout what I thought was a very relaxed, engaging discussion, we explored everything from Morgan’s formative educational period as an aspiring Human Rights lawyer living in Ghana for 3 months working on issues related to child-trafficking, through to the potential application of cutting-edge technologies such as the Blockchain to cement transparency in industry (banking and finance in this case).

We spend a good portion of time on the Transparency Task Force; the purpose, goals, successes thus far and ongoing challenges to tackle. When discussing precursory steps in the process of the Task Force’s creation, Morgan draws a link to his time in Ghana; both the task force and the project to combat child-trafficking evidenced incongruent views of function and outcome from the same situation. What becomes apparent is that Morgan has a deep and balanced level of insight across all sides of a particular issue, certainly a positive given the importance of both the banking sector and, in parallel yet oft in opposition, the transparency and trust of said sector.

So wherever you are listening from… whether it be the bedroom, the kitchen-converted-to-office, the bathroom or the balcony, please enjoy this engaging discussion and share so that others in lockdown can also benefit!

Info on our guest here.

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