Covid-19 Contact Tracing Discussion #2: app dissection and and safety of user data

In this “Secure in Mind” podcast episode, Professor Katina Michaels joins us again for a conversation about the contact-tracing app creating such a kafuffle the world over. Also in the virtual room was friend and security expert Edward Farrell, who has been neck deep in packets and LTE as he has hung drawn and quartered COVIDSafe to truly test the limits of half of its namesake – safety (at least from a technological standpoint concerning the safety of user data)

12 Mag 2020

Round 2!

So we recorded this last week which, given the distortion of time in the present moment, is an era ago. As it stands, I am bound by the publishing cycle of the platform, but there are reworkings at play in the background as I adapt to the situation we are all facing in my own way. Stay tuned for them.

Perché impostare una strategia di manutenzione dei server?

Professor Katina Michael joined us in the last iteration along with Dr Roba Abbas for a broad discussion on the efficacy of the app and the socio-ethical implications of its deployment. This time we are joined by Edward Farrell, friend and friendly hacker who has been spending his spare time deconstructing the app that the Australia Government has built to assist in the efforts to quash Covid-19 spread.

Short and sweet intro this time as time is against me – do yourself a favour and augment your listening experience by checking out both Ed’s and Katina’s work in the links below to educate yourself.

Info on our guest here.

Info on our guest here.

The Secure in Mind project

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There is a longstanding and distinct disconnect between the way information is packaged and presented to the public and the effectiveness of this presentation in terms of generating informed, considered debate.

If we can take complex, important topics and present them, as best we can, in a manner that can interests people from outside the speciality, then we have surpassed our expectations.

Nick Kelly Bio

Nick is someone who, in many senses, is just like you; a human being trying to make sense of this existence of ours as we hurtle around a ball of gas in a sea of infinite eternity. More relevant though are his vacillations in the world amongst diverse countries and environments

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Notes (credits)

This episode sits on a for profit platform for the convenience of access to a large audience, for which I am grateful! It means the messages, conversations, controversies and more that are discussed in Secure in Mind can reach a wide audience of English speaking, risk and security loving enthusiasts the world over.

As our world shifts, so does our awareness, commitment and action to design and build new frameworks of structural norms to achieve what we all want – enough food on the table, a roof over the head, shared positive experiences and all this in a peaceful, secure environment.

This shifting of a world must also set its sights on raising up the levels of support, respect and, from a practical day to day level, financial remuneration and protections for people in front line positions throughout the world.